Tours of Western Europe, Canada and South America

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Western Europe Tours

Western Europe- Architecture, culture, and history!

Canada Tours

Canada- Land of mountains, lakes and welcoming people.

South America Tours

South America- Glorious nature, vibrant cities.

Central America Tours

Central America - discover the best time and places to visit.

Caribbean Vacations

The Bahamas and Dominican Republic Combo Tours

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  • Flights- from Canada to Western Europe, Canada to Asia, Canada to Central and South America, Canada to Caribbean, Asia to Canada, Western Europe to Canada.

  • Hotel room reservations- in Canada, Caribbean, Central and South America, Western Europe, Asia.
  • Car rentals- in Canada, Central and South America, Western Europe, Asia.
  • Tours of Canada for 18-30’s from Asia and Western Europe, Single women 45+ from Asia and Canada. Tours of Western Europe for 18-30’s from Canada, China and Central and South America. Tours of Western Europe for Single women 45+ from China, Japan, Korea and Canada. Tours of Central and South America for 18-30’s from Canada, Asia and Western Europe.