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For 18-30’s from Asia, Western Europe, Central and South America.

For Single Women from Asia, Western Europe and Canada:

Canada is like a sub-continent all to itself. From Vancouver Island to the towering Rocky Mountains, across the Prairies and the Great Lakes to Ontario’s sophisticated urban scene. From the chimes of Mount Royal’s churches, out to the Maritimes, Canada’s ocean playground, discover this great country of ours!

Our tours have been crafted with YOU in mind. That’s why our tour guides speak your language. They will make you feel right at home. They will respond promptly to any questions or concerns you might have, since they have expert knowledge of the destinations and are dedicated customer service professionals.

Our tours have been crafted with YOU in mind. From time to time during the course of your trip, you might like to eat familiar food. That’s why we partner with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican and European restaurants at each of our exciting Canadian destinations... to occasionally provide you with a taste of home… away from home.

Our tours will start in Vancouver or Toronto. Enjoy a wonderful 2-week summer tour with us and you will learn why Canada is the world’s most beautiful country! Maybe you will return to enjoy the fall colours.

  • Jasper National Park Alberta

    Jasper National Park Alberta

  • Vancouver city view

    Vancouver city view

  • Green Gables PEI

    Green Gables PEI

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