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What defines “pure euphoria” for you? We have a word for it- The Bahamas!

  • The Bahamas are a string of 700 islands of sprinkled over 100,000 square miles in the Caribbean Sea, close to the southeast coast of Florida.
  • Enjoy shopping for world-famous luxury brands in many charming duty-free stores. Stroll through the lively downtown areas, take in the beautifully-preserved colonial atmosphere, and enjoy one of a delicious array of dining options..
  • Suggested tours- on request.

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  • Barbados is a wonderful place to visit, a jewel of the Caribbean. Surrounded by azure-blue waters, it features 60 beautiful white sand beaches! And when you go for a swim, you might see one of the world’s rarest sea creatures- a Hawksbill Sea turtle or a Leatherback Sea turtle!
  • How about Barbados’ amazing wildlife- the Barbados Green monkey, Cuban iguanas, macaws and peacocks- all of which can be viewed at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve! Discover Harrison’s Cave, a network of caves with amazing stalagmites and stalactites, not to mention waterfalls and pools!
  • Barbados, the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, is known for its national dish- coucou and flying fish, as well as world-famous Mount Gay Rum! Take a tour of the Mount Gay Rum distillery! 
  • Barbados is an unforgettable island of surpassing beauty!

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Combo Tour- Bahamas + Panama - 10 nights

Combo Tour- Barbados + Panama - 10 nights

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